Service Program for 2015-2016

1. AGASSIZ Elementary School Chicago. Mentoring, Math tutoring, Equipment. High School Placement.

2. PEN International. We work with the following PEN Committees: Writers in Prison (Freedom of Expression and Freedom to Write), Translation and Linguistic Rights, Writers for Peace, and Women Writers. We collaborate with PEN in support of writers who are unjustly persecuted for the non-violent expression of their opinions and for the use of their native languages. We welcome your assistance in writing letters in support of writers and of freedom of expression. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this program.

3. ARTS. We initiated a theatre program FRONTERA: Artists Crossing Borders which develops and presents works of art for live performance based on the stories of individuals and groups who are forced to cross borders – all sorts of borders – in order to live in freedom and dignity and make their productive contributions to their fellow citizens. We give support to Arts organizations that employ the arts for literacy education and for community building. For examples: Teatro La Fragua, Progresso Honduras; Black Ensemble Theater and over 12 other theatre and arts organizations in Chicago area.

4. LITERACY Projects. We give support to literacy programs for children in special need of education and for other selected target populations inadequately schooled by mainstream society. Currently we are collaborating with Fundación Kairos in Ecuador to educate orphaned, abandoned, and abused children.

5. CONFERENCES. We give support to conferences on linguistic rights, on the practice and conservation of the literary arts, and on the protection of writers in jeopardy for exercising their literary rights to work and to promulgate the nonviolent expression of their opinions. We focus on organizations that promote conversations across cultural, national, and geo-physical boundaries.

6. LIBRARIES AND ARCHIVES. We give support to libraries, and especially to archival projects, that work to preserve documents and data of vital interest to the communities we serve. For example: Loyola University Libraries and Gannon Center Archives for Women and Leadership and Leadership.

7. TABOR HOUSE (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico). We support individuals and organizations that work to re-build community through the practice of the literary arts in societies torn apart by violence and civil disintegration.

8. PEN San Miguel Center (Guanajuato, Mexico). We enjoy a long-standing collaboration with PEN San Miguel Center on various projects, especially on rapid action interventions (RANs) on behalf of writers in jeopardy in Mexico, Turkey, China, and other countries and regions.
Our 2015 Financial Report has been filed with the Attorney General of the State of Illinois. This report is available to the public. Please contact the Attorney General of the State of Illinois for a copy of the report and for information on the status of CNJP.

Please contact Nick Patricca at for further information on our projects and how you might contribute your talents and resources to our work.

We believe that legal and economic literacy are essential components of literacy itself and are necessary for the proper exercise of citizenship in our contemporary world.

Our board of directors is a working board. 100% of monies contributed to CNJP is used in support of our mission and programming.


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